Free Online Slots and Casino Games

If you ever get the chance to walk into a casino in Vegas, the very first thing you’re most likely to see are the rows of slot machines. You will mostly see these machines at the casinos because they are super popular, and they are one of the easiest casino games ever. For casual gamblers, slots are like the intro to the business. Given its easiness and popularity, it was only a matter of time that the transition was made online. Today, there are hardly any online casinos that don’t offer a video slot. There are some online slots with cult popularity, and these have hundreds and thousands of players from around the world. Online slots are generally much easier to learn than any other casino games. All you need to do in most cases is set up the bet, then spin the reels, and win, or lose, depending on your luck. But even within these easy rules, there are some things worth learning about to get yourself a better footing. In this article, we are going to talk about everything that’s involved in playing online slots.

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Types of Online Slots

Since there are many operators making the games, it was only a matter of time for them to come up with many different types of slots. At the core, they all remain the same with the similar rules and algorithms, however, it’s worth noting that there are some variations within them. In terms of reels and payouts, there are differences. Here we will briefly talk about some types of online slots:

  • 3-Reel Slots

These are the most basic examples of online slots. Back in the day when the games were strictly offline, 3-reel slots were the go-to slots. The classic slots essentially have 3 reels, and the players need to match the symbols on the different rows in order to make a winning combo. The games are considered to be the most basic form of slots, and as a result, they give out the lowest payouts.

  • 5-Reel Slots

The 5-reel slots have essentially 5 reels so they give more chances for bigger payouts compared to the 3-reel ones. The 5-reel slots generally feature in the progressive slots and mega spin slots, which is close to non-existent for the classic 3-reel slots.

  • Progressive Slots

In progressive slots, each time a player spins the reels, a tiny part of that bet goes towards the making of the jackpot. This keeps on growing bigger unless someone lucky takes it all in the end. The odds of reaching the massive jackpot is rare but not unheard of. There have been instances where players won it all, and potentially changed their lives.

  • Mega Spin Slots

On these types of slots, there are basically multiple slots at work at once so players who like to enjoy more thrill don’t feel bored at any point. The several slot games can be played at once from the same screen. Since there is the chance of winning from multiple games at once, the payouts for mega spin slots do add up to a decent amount over time.

How to Play Online Slots

As we briefly talked about at the beginning of the article, playing online slots is one of the easiest things ever. This is also what makes them so appealing to the newbie casino players. Since the basic gameplay is simple and replicated in almost all of them, focusing on the graphics and stories can be a fun way to invest yourself in the game.

Most of the slots work in the same way with little to no differences. The symbols lining up in matching combos will gain you a payout. While just starting out, here are the things to know about to better your chances of winning.


Each online slot will have around 10 to 12 basic symbols, including both lower and higher paying ones. The special addition to these is the Wild, Scatter, Bonus etc.

  • Wild: The wilds are a special type of symbol which can replace the basic symbol to help the player make more winning combos, essentially helping in bigger payouts. 
  • Scatter: The scatters for the online slots are somewhat different in different games. Most scatter symbols will trigger some number of free spins by appearing anywhere on the reels. In some slots, the scatter can activate the bonus round and even cash rewards. 
  • Bonus: The bonus symbols can open the mini-games, bonus prizes and bigger prizes of different sorts by appearing anywhere on the reels. 


The multipliers for online slots are things which can make the payouts even bigger once activated. The online slots will have multipliers of 2X, 4X, 10X or even 10000X to make the winning number multiplied by it. Basically, it’s a chance to get a bigger prize out of your winnings.


The pay line is the line which connects the matching symbols or creates the winning combo. Slot machines can be multiple numbers of paylines. Some feature 25 while some do 40 or 50. Playing on more paylines better your chances of winning more. The more playlines you play on, the better your chances of hitting the special bonuses as well. Hitting the jackpot is also greater. Obviously, you will be paying more for all these chances.


A paytable is an essential part of online slots and it’s a great way for players to learn about the game. A paytable can tell you everything from the slot features and what they entail. A paytable will also tell you how the bonuses work and how they are triggered or how the free spins are activated.


Clicking on the spin button and hoping for the stars to align is one way to go about playing your slots, but that doesn’t mean you should do it all the time. Learning about the particular slot’s odds can help you a lot with your outcome. The odds for online slots include things like random number odds, coin odds, payback odds etc. What amount of payout you get in the end can be determined from the slot odds if you do your research on factors like the symbols, reels and the paylines.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus round for the online slots is generally activated when a bonus symbol appears on the reels. A bonus round can unlock mini-games, bonus prizes, cash rewards, and whatnots. Bonus rounds are a great way to better your winnings.

Bet Level

This is the basic unit used to make the bet. The player can choose on the number of coins on each payline and the number of total paylines to play on.

Return to Player % (RTP)

The RTP is the statistical advantage of the game maker in the particular slot. the bigger the number for RTP, the better the chances of winning.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

The RNG is put on every online slot to create random sequences of numbers to come out as the outcome of each spin. If an online slot is ethical, then it ought to have an RNG. The RNG produces a random series of numbers for each click on the spin button. The RNG software determines the outcome of the spin regardless of the previous spin’s outcome.

How does it Work

An online slot doesn’t keep any memories. It means that the RNG and other parts of the slot don’t know if you are about to win or lose the bet. The algorithm doesn’t keep track of your wins or losses. The outcome from the RNG is decided based on a specific type of mathematical equation. The results of the online slots are not preprogrammed to come out with the specific results, unless the machine is rigged, of course. All ethical machines made by the reputed companies are bound to use ethical methods of RNG to keep the game equal for everyone. Here are a few things which you can rely on to understand how the slots work better.

Number of Combinations

It is sure exciting to click on that spin button and wait for the outcome of the reels as they come into a stop. They could end up in big profits, or nothing at all, depending on the symbols combo. If they line up in matching symbols, you will win some payouts.

In most online slots, you will need to collect at least three identical symbols in a line to get a payout. The matching of the symbols will result in a payout, and how much you get will depend on the value of the symbol. Different symbols carry different values. You can learn everything about a specific online slot’s symbol values from a paytable.

The paytable will show you the individual values of each symbol, and also tell you how much you can win by forming a match of 3, 4 or 5 of them in a line. The highest payout is almost always the result of a matching combo in 5 of them in a line. The other symbols, such as the bonus symbols can better your chances of winning it big by giving you multipliers, or opening up mini-games in new screens, or giving you other types of rewards.

The wild symbols, on the other hand, can replace all the other symbols to make more winning combos, increasing your chances for more profits. Wild symbols also come in different variations sometimes, such as the expanding wilds. These wilds will cover the entire reel and make more wins. Other wilds include stacked wilds, walking wilds etc. Walking wilds are interesting as they move forward one reel at a time, resulting in more interesting combos.

Number of Reels

The classic slots used to feature 3 reels, and online slots today can feature 5, 7 or even more reels. Most video slots come with 5 of them though. Players will spin the reels with the click of the Spin button, and when they come to a stop, the symbols that come up can either create a winning combo or nothing at all. Sometimes they can also result in something more as the bonus rounds are triggered with the appearance of the scatter symbols.

Other than the different number in reels for the online slots, there are some differences in the types of reels as well. One popular example is the cascading reels. Sometimes they are also referred to as falling reels. These are different from your regular reels, as when they come to a stop, the combo created vanishes, and the other symbols fall down to take its empty space. This can result in a chain reaction of more winning combos, making the player win more from only one bet.

Winning Tips from Slots

Playing slots is a fun way to spend time and win some money along with it. But when you play it for a while, you pick up things that can certainly help in getting better results from your games. Here we have compiled a bunch of winning tips from our years of experience on playing them. Hopefully, these will help you in learning a thing or two.

Choosing Your Game

Before you blindly stumble upon a slot game, it’s better to take a calculated decision. Of course, if you are playing with the free play option, you are free to do whatever you want. But if you are playing with real money, choosing the online slot that best suits your taste can be a better decision for you. This way you will be enjoying more and getting more out of your money’s worth. Here is the list of factors which you can think about to choose the best online slot for you.

Value for Money

If you want to spend your money on an online slot in the most valuable way possible, look at the game’s RTP and its house edge. We have mentioned the RTP and how it works already above and using that you can determine a game’s value. Finding titles that have the best RTP will get you the most out of your money.


The slots with the progressive jackpots will generally come with a lower RTP. Since they offer a chance for a massive payout, this is a given. Take a good look at your bankroll if you are looking for some big jackpots to win as the investment will need to be bigger than usual.


If your main interest is getting entertained then you are in luck, as providers have spent tons of work and time to make them worth your time. If entertainment is key for you, look for games with good graphics and story and theme that suits your taste the best.

Special Promotions

Many online slots come with special promotions offered by its providers. The casino sites often promote online slots at a different season. Stay up to date with the latest promotions and offers as you will then be able to pick them up. Sometimes the providers offer giveaways as well, which can be helpful in saving up some money to spend on your games instead.

Online Strategies for Online Slots

It’s a common assumption that there are no strategies in slots. This is partly true. While it’s true that there is no advanced gameplay involved in the online slots playing, there are still points where you can take action to affect the potential of winning. Here are some online strategies which can help you win big with online slots:

  • Hunt for High RTP

When it comes to value, it’s worth saying that the higher the RTP, the better your chances of getting bigger payouts. If you want to better your chances in terms of payouts and winnings, it’s clever to pick games with the highest RTP. Such games will give you the most number of wins. Simple research should reveal a number of games with the highest RTP available online.

  • Take Advantage of Free Spins

Online casino sites often give free spins to promote their site or new games. Sometimes free spins are part of the welcome bonus package as well. If you are new to the slot gaming field, you can take advantage of free spins whenever they are being offered for free.

  • Be Mindful of Bankroll Management

It’s absolutely essential that you know how much you are willing to play with. It’s important that you spend only what you are comfortable with. Before you make any bet, take a look at your bankroll. Bigger bets will result in a quick decrease in your bankroll. Also, before spending anything on the slots, consider it as gone money. The amount you put on your bankroll should essentially be considered as money you have already lost. Whatever you win then is to be considered as a bonus.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that, since this is gone money, never ever pump your bankroll with money essential to your livelihood. Don’t put your grocery money into your bankroll with hopes of doubling it because that is not how it happens.

  • Go for the Big Jackpots

When you go and try out for the big jackpots, the odds of getting the winning combo stays the same anyway. Be on the lookout for big jackpots that have no recent news of winning. This way you better your chances of winning them. This is also a good way to get more value for your money.

Online Tips for Online Slots

  • Research the New Casinos

The new casinos generally come up with the most generous offers to attract players. Hunt for the best welcome bonuses from the new casinos and sign up with them to take advantage of the offers. Lots of welcome bonus packages include free spins, and these are the best way to get the most out of your slots without spending anything extra. Even if you are a fan of a specific slot, chances are you will find it in a new casino, especially if it’s a popular slot. Most new casinos try to stock up on popular online slots anyway as they have the most fan following. Even if you are a fan of an obscure slot, finding it on a new casino is not impossible as many casinos use the same game operator as their provider.

  • Don’t Put Everything in One Basket

A lot of players only stick to one slot like it’s a path of loyalty, and we think it’s the biggest mistake you can make as a slot player. There are so many slot games out there with many great opportunities, and putting all your money and time in one of them is a waste of opportunity.

If you are willing to focus on only a number of slots, even that’s better compared to playing on only one. Playing one slot can result in missing out on bonus games, multipliers, jackpot rounds, promotional offers, and free spins etc. which are available for slots you are not playing.

  • Play on the Maximum Number of Paylines

Getting more and more winning combos from your slots is possible only when you have a number of active paylines. This is also a good way to trigger the special bonuses or the other special symbols more frequently. So it’s a better idea to max out on the number of paylines and lower the value of the coins instead.

  • Be a Part of the Loyalty Program

Most online casinos run a loyalty program or two. Some of them will need you to sign up for them manually. This is why you need to get registered for the loyalty program. Keep track of its rules and regulations, so that you know which games are providing the best offers and rewards to go toward loyalty.


The online slots are one of the best ways to start off your online casino journey. If you are new in the game, chances are you will find the other games somewhat overwhelming, as they come with their own specific rules and regulations. However, playing the online slots can be an easy way to start off, as they are pretty easy to get used to. Online slots are fun and easy to take up a new pastime, with the option of winning some good money. And if luck strikes, you might even end up winning a life-changing amount.