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Slot Machine Secrets Online Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Slot machines are generally the most played games in an online casino. Due to the attractive designs, innovative themes, unique fun features and interactive gameplay, players are easily lured into these games.

Whether you have been playing slots for a long time or not, you might have been wondering how they work behind the scenes. To inform you about all the important details that you may have been missing out, here is our review on the top slot machine secrets that all your favourite casinos (probably) don’t want you to know.

Slots can be Both Random and Programmed

This is a quite common issue in all slot games. The outcome of each spin in a slot reel can be random but when they are played over thousands and millions of times, the odds might show off an unexpected payout percentage. It occurs due to the fact that all slots offer lesser payouts on winning bets while remaining a bit loyal to the house edge.

However, not every slot is rigged to the point that you can not expect to win from it. A tip to gain an upper hand here is to go for a more complex game. As a rule of thumb, easier games are harder to win and harder games are easier to trigger.

Not All Slot Machines are Worth the Try

No matter how perfectly a online slot machine is promoted and laid out in front of you to play, try not to get too much attached to it. Some online slots machines are indeed harder to trigger. Regardless of the flashy designs and exciting features, if you keep on losing for a long time, maybe it is time to move on from this game.

As heart-breaking as it may sound, many casinos deliberately feature these games on top of the catalogue and offer extra bonuses on it. Some players take the bait and keep on losing in hopes of bigger wins.

A good strategy to avoid these slots is to check out the less promoted games or games that are kept in the middle sections. You can also take advantage of the free games so that you do not have to waste time and money on a problematic slot.

Some Slots have a Higher Payout Percentage

If this is news to you, just know that this concept is not all hypothetical. Compared to the video reels, classic reels tend to pay out more. This is mostly because classic slots are less expensive and easier to maintain. They are not as attractive as the video slots either.

Now that these video slots bring in the majority of the customers, online casinos can easily get away by toning down the payout rate. In the classic reels’ case, the casinos take the opposite measurements to maintain the flow of the crowd.

One way to be sure about the RTP is to do a bit of research on the internet. If it looks convenient, then the game may be worth the try.

Max Betting Increases the Chances of Winning

Playing on a slot in the maximum available bet unlocks all the bonuses and jackpots and creates more chances of winning. This is one of the reasons why you will always hear the pro gamblers talking about betting in the ‘Max Bet’ setting.

However, the casinos rarely explain this to you and you end up betting smaller and winning smaller or winning nothing at all. In the end, you lose all your money to the casino.

To avoid giving all your cash to the casino vault, you can try betting on the highest available setting. While doing this, keep on mind to not go above your budget for the session and end up betting more money than you intended. If you have a small budget, either lower the coin denomination a bit or aim for a slot that has a smaller max bet.

Slots Clubs do not Really Reward You

Nowadays almost every online casino has a VIP club for their members. Each club offers attractive bonuses, cash backs, Extra Spins and so on. Some casinos promote themselves in such a way that they know exactly what you need and you can easily pick one or another offer from their wide range of promotions.

However, the truth lies a lot deeper than you can see from the top. These reward clubs do provide you with lots of bonuses but they do so to keep you longer at the casino.

When you find suitable bonuses, naturally you try to utilize those on games. More games means more money for the casinos. While they do offer you a small portion for free, the larger amounts are credited to the casino.

Now, you cannot really ignore the bonuses completely. What you can do instead is to look into the offered bonuses closely and check out whether it is worth trying or not.

Your Games are Tracked at the Casino

Once you open an account at a casino and start playing on a slot, your every move will be tracked by the casino. This is an automatic system and the user cannot change the setting. As all the slot machines fall under this network, they can track your gameplay and save the information.

All the data are collected, they are looked into, analysed, and then insight reports are prepared for the marketing team. The marketing department of the casino then develops some business strategies to make their market more enchanting to you.

This is not necessarily a bad thing if you consider it from the casino’s view. However, if you want to avoid being tracked, you can avoid using the player’s card. The only negative aspect is that this step will prevent you from having the comp points.

Games are Designed to Play Faster

With the advancement of technology, the designs in the slot machines have developed as well. The majority of the slots offer a diverse range of bonus features, increasing more appeal to the gamblers.

One common feature that can be seen in most of the games is that all of them are very fast. In an average slot, each spin takes about 5 seconds only. It indicates that a player with an hour long session in mind will have to spin approximately 700-720 times. Even if he places stakes on the lowest coin denomination, it will still be a good sum of money. This is why most casinos promote faster games more than the ones with slower spins.

While you cannot change the design of the slot, you can ensure being a bit more patient the next time you sit for a session. Just take your time and enjoy the game rather than focusing too much on winning.


As casinos are there to do business, it is quite natural that they will try to make profit as much as they can. For the true slot lovers, all these secrets do not matter much as they play for the mere thrill of gambling. However, if you have read our detailed review on how the casinos use tactics on slot machines, make sure to keep these on your mind when you try out a new slot machine.