Online Slots Machines, Rules & Strategies

Whether you’re a fan of classic slot machines or the latest cutting-edge video slots – it’s their simplicity that makes them the world’s most popular casino games, from the delights of Sin City, to the new slot heaven of online casinos. Check out the simple rules of online slots, then discover the slot strategies and tips that can boost you fun and potentially your payouts!

Click and spin for instant fun and payouts

The basic rules of slot gaming are so simple that literally anyone can play without worrying about any rules. In fact, on classic fruit machine style slot machines – you simply select a wager value, click to spin and wait for the reels to stop spinning to see if you have a winning combo. On more advanced machines and the latest video slots, there’s much more player interaction – with nudges, holds and multiple bonus functions. However, whichever slot game you choose to play – it’s simply impossible to break the rules!

Coin Size & Number

Every slot machine offers an array of coin sizes, making it easy for gamers to bet according to their budget and bankroll. Typical coin sizes range from 0.01, up to 20.00 on premium machines. Most online slot machines can be played with a range of coin numbers, activating different payout levels and features.

For example:

  • Coin size = 5.00 x 3 Coins = 15.00 spin value
  • Coin size = 5.00 x 1 Coin = 5.00 spin value

Online slot gamers are free to use any wager level, as long as it’s not below the minimum wager level, or in excess of the max bet.

Activating Jackpots and Pay lines

Coin number can have a big influence on the number of pay lines activated and the jackpot potential available with each spin. The web is loaded with multi-pay line machine, and you can often play up to 20+ pay lines!

For example, gaming with 1 coin on a 20 pay-line machine would activate 1-line, meaning you have one chance to win. At the other end of the scale, gaming with 20 coins gives you 20 chances to hit a winning combo!

To activate the full jackpot potential, you need to activate every pay-line and use the max coin value. If you played a 20 line slot with a 5000 coin jackpot and a max coin size of 5.00, the payout would look similar to below:

Slot payouts = coin number x coin size
Coin size = 5.00 x 20 pay-lines = 200.00 per spin = 25 000.00 jackpot

Gamble features

Many slot games contain fun, volatile gamble features which allow you to instantly boost your payout. Most gamble features require you to select the correct card – such as pick the card with the highest value. If you lose the gamble feature, you lose your basic win.

Special slot feature rules

Online slot machines are loaded with the same slot features found in the world’s best casinos and arcades. Holds, Nudges, Wilds and Scatters are the most powerful and important features which can instantly trigger payouts.

Nudges – whenever you collect a nudge credit, you have the power to move one reel up or down to try and form winning combos. Nudges are generally player-controlled.

Holds – Hold features enable you to freeze one or more reels before you re-spin to try and hit a winning combination. Some slot gamers contain auto-hold features to aid gaming strategy.

Wilds – Many slot machines contain a Wild icon, which has the power to automatically substitute for other symbols and form winning combos.

Scatters – Scatter icons can automatically trigger wins and interactive bonus screens when they randomly appear anywhere on the reels (you’ll usually need 1-3 scatter icons to activate the bonus/payout)

Interactive bonuses

Many advanced video slots contain cool interactive bonuses, allowing gamers to influence their own payout destiny. The most popular bonus screen contains a themed game where you’re required to select a certain number of characters from a large selection (such as open four treasure chests from a total of eight). Choosing enough prize icons results in a bonus payout.

Slot Strategies

Slot machines are the ultimate in gaming fun, excitement and relaxation – coupled with 95-98.5%+ payouts and progressive jackpots worth hundreds of thousands. However, there’s no denying the fact that slot success is ultimately down to lady luck – so while you’ll have some awesome winning sessions, you’ll also have periods when the machine seems to keep winning! So – is there really no way that you can beat the slot machine?
Well – according to some gamers, there are some nifty strategies and slot tips that could prove fruitful!

Slot budget

Always game with a weekly and session slot budget. If you exceed either budget – quit the casino and chill out. You’ll do much better by coming back when your luck’s in and you won’t be tempted to increase your stakes. Never chase slot losses.

Switch machines frequently

Finding ‘hot machines’ is a great strategy for slot success. If a fresh machine isn’t responding within 20 spins, then quit and try a different one. When you locate hot machines, play them until you hit a run of 20 poor spins – then search for the next hot machine.

Game with a session target

This is considered the best slot strategy for success. Essentially, set yourself a realistic session profit target (based on your wager level and bankroll). Play medium payout machines and quit the casino as soon as you reach your target. If you reach your daily loss budget – this is also the time to leave for the day.

Online Slot machines are the most realistic and enjoyable games available on the internet – so see if you can be the next lucky gamer to land a mega progressive jackpot, such as the 700.000.00 + win landed playing Major Millions Jackpot Slot!