Casino FAQ | A Beginners Guide

If you are unfamiliar with gambling online at UK Casinos, the following question and answer tutorial will put you on the right track in finding exciting and profitable play at the best UK Online Casinos. When you are finished with the guide, visit the links to the casinos listed on this site. Remember, we have already sorted through the places to gamble online in the UK. So, save some time by taking our word. We promise you will be satisfied!

Does an online casino operate like a regular casino?

Yes. Players must open an account with the casino first, by depositing funds with a credit card or some other means of payment. (See the rest of this site for details) Winning hands are governed by a software device called a Random Number Generator, or RNG, which insures that the casino is impartially awarding players in an unpredictable fashion. The RNG, in turn, is monitored on a monthly basis by third-party auditing firms. The fairness of the casino, referred to as the payout percentage, is then publicly disclosed by the auditors. Winning players either receive their money by check or deposit into their account.

How do I know I can trust an online casino?

Only those online casinos that publicly disclose their payout percentages and auditing results should be played at. Every UK casino listed here on this site does precisely this. They are all monitored by an accounting agency in the “Big Six” of auditing firms – Which means they are watched over to the T. Furthermore, all the casinos here have been played at, reviewed, and given a high customer satisfaction rating by players just like yourself.

Where do online casinos operate?

Due to laws that prohibit online casinos to operate in the United Kingdom, all financial transactions are routed through offshore servers typically located in Canada, Antigua, or Gibraltar. However, it is common for online casino offices and customer support to be based out of the UK.

What is the legal status of online gambling?

Unlike online gambling in the US, which has been through repeated attempts to make illegal, the future for online gambling in the UK has never looked brighter. The act of online gambling itself is deemed legal in the UK; Just the financial operations of online casinos are not tolerated.

How are online casinos kept from cheating?

The use of Random Number Generators insures fair practice as far as winning goes. When casinos are audited on a monthly basis, the auditors run millions of hands for each gambling game through the RNG and calculate the amount of winning hands generated by the gambling software. Anyways, it would not be in an established casinos best interest to cheat, because they would be losing players in the long run. Remember, all the UK online casinos at ………..have credible reputations and are monitored on an ongoing basis.

Can debit cards be used to deposit funds, in addition to credit cards?

Yes. In fact, debit cards seem to be the most efficient means of depositing and receiving funds. The bottom line is that it is much easier for UK online casinos to process debit cards rather than credit cards. This means that players receive their winnings in a timely manner. Keep in mind that you do not have to make wagers in order to play. Unlimited practice play, with identical odds and random number generating as real money play, is allowed at all the UK online casinos on this site.

Are Free Cash Bonuses too good to be true?

Not at any of the UK online casinos found at ……………..Online casinos are always looking for new members. And free cash bonuses are one the best ways to do that. Remember, these bonuses are typically in pounds sterling, and are governed by specific terms and conditions. If the casino does not give access to the terms and conditions of the bonus, then do not go for it. It is mandatory for large bonuses to be regulated by a turn, which means that the entire bonus amount must be wagered a certain amount of times before it can be cashed out by the player. For example, a £20 bonus with a turn of 10 times means that you are required to wager £200 through the casino before withdrawing.

Which games should I play?

It is always best to stick with what you know and are comfortable playing. If you are entirely new to gambling, blackjack is an excellent start. The game itself is relatively easy, and can be played with a strategy (Basic Blackjack Strategy) that produces lower House Odds than any other gambling game. Remember, at this site you can learn the most commonly played games, and master the strategies that the professionals use. When you have practiced enough free play at the UK online casino of your choice, then you will be ready to win some big money!