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Bonus Slot Machines Strategy

Winning a large sum of cash may require a bit of luck, however, the days in which you kept all your lucky charms around during gambling sessions are long gone as there are lots of bonus slot machine strategies available nowadays. As online casino slots are more advanced with the presentation, RNG and many other diverse aspects, it may seem intimidating to master the art of beating these machines in their own games.

Keeping this in mind, our online casino slot machine experts have prepared this article for you where you get to check out the basics of slot machines strategies.

  • Choose Slots with Fixed Maximum Payouts

This is a good strategy for casual players who want to win big with less effort. Unless you are satisfied with smaller amount of winnings in the progressive jackpots, you may want to go for regular video slots with maximum payouts instead.

Although progressive jackpots offer huge cash prizes, these are harder to trigger as they depend on many factors like the number of people playing the game, the meter reaching a certain point etc. Therefore, it is relatively easier to win at a video slot or a classic slot with fixed maximum payout than in other types of slots.

  • Go for Small Jackpots

If you care more about winning than the jackpot prize, go for the slots offering the smallest jackpots. In case you did not know, the smaller the jackpot, the greater is the chances of winning in that slot. On the other hand, it becomes a lot harder to trigger the jackpot if it is a large sum. An additional tip for slot machines here will be to avoid novelty themed slots with massive jackpots as the odds are not that good here.

  • Play in High Volatile Slots

As you may have noticed, all the casino slots have an RTP (Return to Player) percentage which are below 100%. The lower the percentage becomes, the lesser your chances are in winning this game. You can consider the concept from a different angle as well. You can win in the high volatile slots by placing smaller amounts of bets.

Although you will continue to lose money in this way, you will still have an opportunity to win more back in the long run if you are using this strategy in a high volatile slot.

  • Minimize the Number of Active Paylines

Unless you are playing in a slot with fixed paylines, you can use this strategy to see how it goes for you. If you decrease the number of active paylines while setting the stake, you will be able to increase the volatility of the slot, thus, increasing your chances of gaining a winning combination.

For example, if you place £5 on a single line, your winnings will be a lot higher than your winnings from placing £0.50 on 10 paylines. When you place bet on 1 payline rather than on 10 paylines, you end up increasing the game’s volatility up to 5 or 10 times. However, this strategy cannot be used by the high-rollers as most slots usually do not allow maximum bet per line.

  • Minimize the Total Bet

If you opt for a big sum of winnings, you have to place bets accordingly. You can do so by gradually increasing the volatility of your slot. As you can see, the basic way that gambling works is that you lose money with each spin. If you are lucky and strategic enough, you can win more than your placed stake in a certain spin.

You can use this method in your way by spending your budget with as less betting as possible. If the RTP of the slot remains the same a while you use this bonus slot machine strategy, you can gain a better chance of winning big.

  • Use the ‘Gamble’ Feature If Available

Many game developers offer this feature in their slots which give you an opportunity to double or quadruple your winnings. A good strategy for utilizing this feature well is to place smaller bets per spin until you receive a winning combination. Although you may seem to lose money, it will remain smaller as you are playing in tiny amounts of cash.

After gaining the winning combination, you can trigger this feature and guess the colour or the deck of cards. A correct guess will reward you by doubling the winnings.  A wrong one will take to the base game. You can keep on applying the same method again and again until you reach a satisfying amount of winnings in your wallet.

  • Risk Big to Win Big

This is a good slot machine strategy especially if you are playing in IGT slots. Generally, the method works in all the slots where high-rollers place big sums in order to receive larger sums in return. But in IGT slots, it becomes a lot easier to place huge bets on a single payline. Cleopatra, Diamond Queen and Wolf Run are some of the slots that offer this feature.

If you put up a stake of £100 on 1 payline, you can win up to £100k from this spin. On the contrary, losing this spin will leave you empty-handed. As you can see, you have to risk big to lose or win tons more.

  • Invest Your Winnings in Next Spins

This slot machines tip is inspired by the reverse Martingale slot strategy. The main idea of this strategy is to use less money from your own bankroll and use more from your winnings from the previous spins instead. You can continue to use this method until you win a desirable sum. This way you do not gamble away lots of cash and keep in mind exactly how far you want to go before withdrawing the winnings.

Even with all these strategies, it is quite evident that you cannot always win at all the slots. To check out how each slot may work out for you, you can go with our very last and the most effective tip. Try the game in the demo mode for a few times before going for real money. Following this strategy will help you to understand the volatility of the slots and let you decide whether to go for it or not. Play the free games on our website and apply these strategies.

Happy gambling!