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Best Slot Machine Strategies to Pick a Winning Slot and (Almost) Always Win Rewards!

Playing in your favourite slot may be all fun and exciting, but the enjoyment increases a lot more when you win some attractive cash prizes. The only obstacle between you and the rewards might occur due to the wrong selection of slot machines.

If you have been looking for a few handy tips and tricks regarding this for some time, you can finally end your search and let our casino experts guide you on. Check out these simple and highly effective gambling strategies below:

Try Out Slots with Higher RTP

RTP is the Return to Player percentage. It points out the average amount of wagers that the machine pays back to the players. When you go for a winning online slot machine, try to pick one that has an RTP between 96%-98%. These machines hold more potential to pay out better than the ones with lesser RTP.

slot machine - Best Slot Machine Strategies to Pick a Winning Slot and (Almost) Always Win Rewards!
slot machine

How to Find the RTP of a Slot

The majority of the developers publicly displays their games’ RTP. You can either check them directly from their website or find them at the casinos offering these slot machines. Another way to determine the RTP instantly is to search for it in web browsers. Many slot reviews contain these information as well. Just pick the most suitable method and apply it on all games.

Learn about the Volatility

The volatility of a slot indicates the regularity and the winning amounts in that particular game. If you go for a low volatile slot, you will notice more frequent wins with smaller winnings. In a high volatile slot, you are less likely to trigger wins easily. But when you do trigger a winning combination, your winnings will be more generous. Depending on whether you want a casual, fun-filled session or serious gameplay for winning big, you can go for either of these types.

How to Determine the Volatility of a Slot

This part requires a bit of extra work. Though most developers do not directly mention the volatility, some reviewers do. You can either look for these online or figure it out yourself. Simply play a long session in the demo mode and observe its performance. This may help you to come to a decision.

Do a Quick Research on Slot Reviews

Slot reviews are great for learning about a game. As most software providers do not include a detailed slot review on their websites, you may have to rely on popular casino games reviewer sites. This extra step before playing for real money will provide you with insights and save your wallet.

How to Sort out Honest Reviews

You can learn about honest reviews and ratings from other players in the community. You may also check out our own slot reviews for honest opinions on these games.

Go with the Less Promoted Slots

If you have been in the gambling world for some time, you have probably already noticed how a few slots are always featured at most casinos. While this is mostly due to their popularity, these slots also play a major part in the casinos’ benefits.

If you really want to pick a winning slot, try out less common and less popular slots. These may be hidden due to their better payouts and you need to find them to win big.

How to Look for the Not-So-Obvious Slots

A good trick is to check out the slots that are kept in the middle of the catalogue or go to page 3, page 4 etc. You can also make use of your internet connection to search these games.

Take Advantage of the Demo Mode

Almost all the games from the software developers are offered in demo modes. This is also a very efficient way to learn about the gameplay, bonus features, payouts, volatility and so on. While it will not help you in winning any money from the free games, it will provide you with sufficient knowledge about the game. You can use this newly found experience in your real money games and increase your winning potential.

Where to Play Slots for Free

Many online casinos offer demo games which do not require depositing real money. You can easily play on your favourite slots from numerous gambling sites. Furthermore, you can also check out our site where we offer a large range of free slots.

Utilize Your Bonus Package

Bonuses like Extra Spins, free bonus money, instant cashbacks are great for using on your chosen slots. These can not only help you in learning the gameplay but also award you with some nice cash prizes if you fulfil the wagering requirements.

How to Gain the Best Bonuses

Try the casinos with a no deposit bonus of Extra Spins. If this does not look promising, go for casinos that offer user-friendly deposit bonuses. Make sure that the bonuses are applicable on your chosen slots. If you complete this step right, you will be able to reap rewards in no time.

Place Higher Stakes

Placing bigger bets are important especially if you are playing a progressive jackpot or a slot with huge jackpot prize. Logically, you can receive the maximum jackpot amount only if you play on the max bet setting. So, if you want to aim for that high prize, be prepared to pay some high price.

How to Place Bets like a Pro

The most strategic way to place bets for winning big is to start with a slow pace and gradually increase the stakes. Unless you are really lucky, typical slot machines take some time to warm up. You need to remain persistent and experiment with different bet amounts. You can build up the stakes slowly and continue the session in this way.

Best Slots to Try Out for Winning Big

It is unlikely that you will find a game that offers all the characteristics of a winning slot. Yet there are a few games that we would suggest you check out. As a high RTP slot, NetEnt’s Devil’s Delight may be a good choice. It features an RTP of 97.6% which is quite impressive at the current market. As for high volatile, you can go for Book of RA by Novomatic or Merkur’s Odin.

If you want to avoid the hyped up slots and experiment a bit, then go with Play’n Go’s Queen’s Day Tilt or Playtech’s Luminous Life. You may also want to keep an eye on the lesser known or the rising game developers for discovering some hidden gems. To earn all those extra cash, you have got to do what you got to do.

Additional Strategies to Maximize Your Winning Potential

Now that you have learned about some of the most effective tips and tricks, let us inform you how you can use these to your advantage. First of all, even after using all the tricks hidden under your sleeves, you might still not win and lose a good amount to the casino. In order to prevent causing serious harm to your bankroll, set a fixed budget and time limit. In that way, you can end the session without any dissatisfaction.

Once this part is taken care of, try out a game that matches with most of your requirements. With our helpful guide and a bit of luck on your way, chances are that you will go home with a smile on your face.